Folk Trio The Arcadian Wild Announce New Single "Wolves of the Revolution"

“Wolves of the Revolution” is set to drop on October 28th , an exciting time in the journey of the Alternative Folk trio, The Arcadian Wild. The diverse fan base for the Nashville band has grown to include 650,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Their music has reached fans far past the United States! Each day holds on average 50,000 streams coming in from all over the world.

“Wolves of the Revolution” was tracked live in Nashville, TN. The connection and competence of band mates Sarah Wood, Isaac Horn, and Lincoln Mick allows for all pieces of the song to be tracked simultaneously. The Arcadian Wild layers lyrics with three-part harmony, guitar, mandolin, and banjo to create a vivid sound. Listeners will connect with “Wolves of the Revolution” as it touches on the need to retain youthfulness, with a background inspired by the rich history of the French Revolution. 

The Arcadian Wild recently returned from their Summer 2016 Living Room Tour. All over the country listeners opened their door for intimate house shows. The Living Room Tour followed the debut of their first full-length self-titled album.