The Company

Vohnic Music LLC is an indie pop multimedia record label that releases music and comic books. The company represents three animated musical artists each adventuring through their own unique sci-fi/fantasy world. The artists release comics and music chronicling their fictional journeys. The aim of Vohnic Music is to create a Multiverse of Music in where each musical project has a series of comics and music that occasionally overlap with other projects. The label pulls inspiration from past acts such as the Gorillaz or The Archies and adds a fresh narrative angle.

Artists at Vohnic Music have received millions of streams online, thousands of comic book hits, and have been nominated for numerous awards including the Independent Music Awards. The company is run by Vian Izak and employs the talents of illustrator Hein Zaayman. Their unique spin on what it means to be a musical act has gained the company major exposure in both the music and comic book industry.

Based in Nashville TN, the label also represents a number of world class acoustic composers ranging from lofi hip hop, to folk, to classical piano.

Label Services

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With the help of our distribution partners we get our music in premium placements on major DSPs.

Playlist Promotion
With our team constantly sharing updates directly with curators and tastemakers we have been able to get our artists on dozens of official Spotify playlists.

Sync Licensing
We pitch regularly to TV and film opportunities.

Royalty Collection & Accounting
Through the Label Engine software we are able to deliver monthly royalties to our artists and analytics showing exactly where the money came from both geographically and from which companies.

Marketing and Social Media
We have grown artist social medias from hundreds to thousands using targeted ads and unique asset creation to showcase the art in the best way possible. 

Anti Piracy
In conjunction with Audible Magic and The Merlin Network we protect the digital rights of our artists and remove any unauthorized uses.

Music Production
The Production House is situated in the heart of Nashville TN on the famous Music Row. The studio uses top of the line equipment from Universal Audio and creative techniques to make compelling music.



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