Annual Report: 25 Million Streams, 500k Song Saves, and over two dozen playlist placements

Streaming and Playlists
We are pleased to detail our annual music metrics as Vohnic Music's label operation launched one year ago. Our catalog has achieved over 25 million streams  in over 40 countries. The largest digital outlet for Vohnic Music artists is Spotify closely followed by Youtube, Apple Music, Google Play, and Deezer. Vohnic's largest audience base by country is the USA followed by Canada, Brazil, and then Germany. 

Based on a metric Spotify provides on how many people have saved songs to their personal libraries, Vohnic's artists have had their music saved over 500k times on Spotify. 

Concerning playlists, Vohnic Music artists have had over two dozen adds to major playlists on Spotify including New Music Friday, Fresh Electronic, Indie Pop, Peaceful Piano, and many more. For a more complete list of recent placements check out our playlist page.

Vohnic Artists were featured on a number of digital charts this year which are listed below with the relevant details:

Black Forest Wedding - Captain Dipper & The Strawberry Girl - Spotify Viral Charts Brazil #2
The Last Time (Flapo Remix) - Through Juniper Vale - Hype Machine #8
Revolver (I the AI remix) - Vian Izak, Through Juniper Vale - Spotify Viral Charts Canada #19
The Last Time (Flapo Remix) - Through Juniper Vale - Spotify Viral Charts Malta #39
The Last Time (Flapo Remix) - Through Juniper Vale - Spotify Viral Charts Philippines #45
The Last Time (Flapo Remix) - Through Juniper Vale - Spotify Viral Charts Indonesia #48
Revolver - Vian Izak - Apple iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart Brazil #72

Deals and Partnerships
Vohnic Music secured key partnerships this year to increase the value of its catalog. Some of the key partnerships are listed below.

The Merlin Network - IP Representation - Merlin secured direct distribution deals for Vohnic Music with multiple digital services including Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play.
Finegold Music - Sync Licensing - Finegold Music is a NYC based sync company that represents indie labels like Curb Records and Fierce Panda. They have secured numerous deals on major network/studio projects.
Play Network - In Store Music - Play Network provides in store music for major brands worldwide. 

Notable Events
- The Arcadian Wild played a concert at Spotify's NYC office for Spotify's Staff
- Vian Izak partnered with Spotify for an exclusive multimedia release campaign involving music and comics:
- Vian Izak collaborated with world famous group Ladysmith Black Mambazo on his song Brink of Love which became the group's number one song on Spotify this year.

Releases and Blog Reviews
Vohnic released over 40 releases within it's first year and over 80 tracks. These tracks were featured on over 50 online blogs primarily Hype Machine indexed sites including German indie giant Tonspion comic book giant Newsarama along with many more.