Vian Izak & Through Juniper Vale Perform on Geek & Sundry

Vian Izak, Hein Zaayman, and Sarah Jane Wood recently played a live set on the Twitch channel Geek & Sundry. Operating under Legendary Films, Geek & Sundry is one of the the online epicenters of geek culture with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers.

The trio of creatives first appeared on Loremasters with Ryan Green to discuss the lore and world behind the Vian Izak and Through Juniper Vale world. The following evening they played a live set on Gather Your Party even inviting host Erika Ishii to play violin on Izak and Sarah's duet Marble Floors. 

The crew and hosts at Geek & Sundry were warm and inviting making the artists feel at home. There will be more partnerships to come!

You can catch reruns of the shows on or watch the two episodes below.