Vohnic Music Averages 75k Streams a Day for Artists on Spotify

Spotify is the new radio of the music industry. It is a multifaceted platform that allows for music discovery in intuitive and user friendly ways. Whether it's official playlists, discovery weekly, or Spotify's new Release Radar, we are finding many ways to collaborate with the streaming service on our releases.

Recently we collaborated with Spotify on The Arcadian Wild's debut album. They are currently on 3 official Spotify playlists and are promoted through Spotify's clever discovery weekly playlists. The band averages just over half a million monthly listeners and they are still growing every day.

We launched Vian Izak's debut EP in September and we are seeing substantial initial numbers with the EP reaching just over 100k plays in the first month of its' release. The EP is still receiving around 10k plays a day. 

Collectively the label is averaging 75k plays a day and is steadily growing. Very thankful for the talented artists who keep supplying Vohnic with beautiful music. New Arcadian Wild and Vian Izak coming soon. Along with a few new projects.